Making connections through common interests

Get Connected 

Studies show that the more social connections we have, the better our mental health. 

We crave the company of others, which can help us both celebrate and mourn. But how can you build strong connections with others while in college, one of the most transient times of your live? Fortunately, Clemson University has many resources that can help you.  


Clemson’s website, Tiger Quest, lists more than 500 student clubs and organizations. You can also locate information about groups that focus on grief, mental health, illness, academic and career development, religion, sports, volunteerism, hobbies and much more. You can learn about other cultures through the Chinese Language Club; volunteer at a local animal shelter; hone your billiard-playing skills; or go birding. The point is that, by getting involved with a student club or organization that interests you, you will have the opportunity to meet likeminded people. 

How to Join 

Joining is easy. Just log onto Tiger Quest with your CU username and password, update your user profile, enter the requested information, click on “organizations,” search for a group you’re interested in, and click request to join.

Start Your Own 

Suppose you are unable to find a club you want to join or your particular interest isn’t represented? You can always start your own. Campus Activities and Events website will give you all the information you need to become a “recognized student organization (RSO).” All you need is at least six founding members, students currently enrolled at Clemson, a constitution and a full-time faculty or staff advisor. The benefits? Your club will be listed on Tiger Quest and the official online directory of RSO; you can sponsor campus fundraisers; you will receive a website and email account; you will be eligible to post flyers and banners on campus; you will be able to post events in the student body email bulletin; and you can participate in Tiger Prowl’s Organizations Fair and other events. 

International Student Organizations 

If you are an international student, you may suffer from culture shock as well as feeling a lack of connection. You’ll be encouraged to learn that Clemson has many International Student Organizations, including Student Ambassadors Global Engagement, which assists students learn English as a second language, and Clemson Area International Friendship, which pairs students with a family in an effort to enhance the student’s experience of American culture.


Intramural sports is another fun way to get involved. Clemson has more than a dozen of these groups, including basketball, flag football, softball and tennis. In addition, you can find ultimate frisbee, cornhole, battleship and innertube water polo. Better hurry, though; intramurals are popular, and the teams fill up fast. 

Reach out—join a Clemson club and build connections. You’ll not only have fun, but also keep yourself mentally healthy and happy. 

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